Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recycled Wrapping!

After making this TP roll wreath last year, I am always looking for places to use these fun TP roll flowers. Here is my take on recycled wrapping. It's a present wrapped in a paper grocery bag, (my trick to make the paper look nice since it's so thick, is to use double sided tape so you don't have big chucks of tape on the outside) then I wrapped a strip of burlap and ribbon around the top, (also secured with double sided tape) and then just used clear thread to tie the TP roll flower on top, and added a label. I think it is super cute, green, and thrifty.


  1. Looks adorable! I think I am going to give those tp flowers a try on top of my packages too:) Thanks!

  2. So cute! What are you guys up to on Sunday? I will run it past Brad but we should hangout!

  3. Those are adorable! I didn't see these until it was too late though. :)