Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,
Sorry you have been neglected... it's not personal, lol. I love you! I could use the excuse we've been super busy... which we have... but let's be honest, we are always super busy so that's not really a good excuse. :) I miss you tons, and am hoping I can get motivated and post again! On the busy summer days, I pretty much fall into bed the second the day is done, but I will try harder to make time for you. :)


  1. Hey girl! Will be so happy when you return! Hope it is sooner rather than later! :)

    And I would love a fb telling me all about your crazy basement flood? Is that what I read right on my txt message?

  2. I miss your posts but I totally understand. I can not wait until Friday! It will be a great day away!