Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More "Mini" Projects!

Awhile back I didn't have any big activities with Molly to post, so I just posted of few of our "Mini" Projects. We do a few little time filler type activities everyday, I just never thought they were exciting enough for the blog, lol. But, after I posted, so many amazing moms were telling me (which I LOVE to hear) how much fun there kiddos were having with the marshmallows and toothpicks, so I thought it would be fun to try to post more of our quick little "Mini" projects and activities!

This weeks absolute favorite activity was making a car from an old box. An old classic, but still fun. Anytime Molly was looking for something to do, she got busy decorating her car with pictures, and stickers. She even added a plate for a steering wheel and a spot to put her keys!
Then the girls had more fun driving it around the house this week. Molly's favorite part was that I made them packed lunches in brown bags, and she got to "order" them from the "drive thru" for Nora and her. :) We even ended up coloring to bags to look like Happy Meals.

Another favorite in this house is Window Crayons, we found ours on sale at Target. I know I've posted about them before, and how much we love them. I know the mess scares people, but they really are totally washable and clean up so easy. Actually, half the fun of it is the next day I let Molly wash the windows to clean the crayon off, which she thinks is a ton of fun. (Hopefully she will still think cleaning windows is fun when she is older, but I'm not holding my breath, ha!)


  1. We use to use dry erase markers on the windows when we were little. I was fun!

  2. Those ideas are so cute! I need to find some window crayons for Marlee. I have a HUGE window I am sure she would have a blast coloring on! :)

    Have a great couple of days! :)