Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Picking Glasses!

Yesterday Molly had another appointment with the Pediatric Ophthalmologist. The appointment was long but went really good (thank you so much to our great friends for watching Nora, she had a blast). The doctor was happy that Molly's turn stopped getting worse (she is checked every 6 weeks). She wants Molly to wear glasses for 6 months to see if it will help with her depth perception, strengthening her eyes and her mild near sightedness. In 6 weeks, she will go back and find out if they want to use a patch with the glasses too. We are hoping this helps, it is definitely worth a try before we have to do surgery to fix some of the issues her brain tumor had on her eyes. Molly was very excited to pick out pink glasses this afternoon, and was sad when she couldn't take them home today. :)


  1. I've never seen a cuter little girl wear pink glasses ever!! Praying for the healing of her little eyes without surgery. Hugs

  2. She is so pretty! hugs and prayers